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Next floor: Middle Age by cyrilfontaine2
My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.
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Tumblr: the place where

I can go and sprout out of my emotional baggage and feel like I’m not being judged for it, but really I am and everyone is just being super nice about it and not judgmental.


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I am trying really hard not to be tempted to smoke cigarettes…

I will not.. I will not… I will not… I will not…. (cont.)

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I. Hate. Being. Ignored.

I’ve finally came to the realization that if you’re going to dick with me and ignore me, then we’re done. I refuse to be in a position like that and I’m fucking over it.

Done done done done done done.

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Stairway to the Castle by KarolNienartowicz
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